Photo Packages and Sizes:

A4 x230x40cm, image size 21 x 30cm€63
A4 x330x40cm, image size 21 x 30cm€95
A4 x430x40cm, image size 21 x 30cm€125
A3 + A4 x2 30 x 40cm and 2 pieces of 21 x 30cm€103
A2 x1 50 x 70cm, image size 40 x 60cm€62

Photo sizes are rounded, here are the exact measurements:

  • A4 = 20cm x 28.7cm, frame: 346mm x 442mm
  • A3 = 28.7cm x 41cm, frame: 43.7cm x 53.7cm
  • A2 = 39cm x 59cm, frame: 54cm x 74cm

Photos belong on display, not just on digital devices. Photos come to life in a new way when printed. The greatest value of photos lies in the fact that they are part of your everyday life, reminding you of precious moments and people in your life, even on bad days.

I want to make this as easy as possible for you because I often hear the same sentence, “I haven’t managed to plan, order, and buy frames.” So, I know this can be time-consuming, so I’m bringing it straight to your doorstep.

I’ve selected various photo packages and photo products that I believe support my storytelling photography style. There are packages of three or two images available. If these packages don’t fit your home, please contact me, and we’ll plan a great combination together.

People often hesitate about the size of photos and order small pictures for their walls. I want to break this trend a bit and offer larger pictures and sets for sale. Large pictures look fantastic on the wall!

The photos are framed with black or white photo frames and finished with a white mat, which brings the photo to life even more and ensures that the photo remains in good condition for decades. The mat, or passe-partout, is the white cardboard around the photo, which frames and elegantly highlights the photograph.

The photo frames are made of MDF fiberboard with real glass. High-quality Luster paper is used for the photo prints. Photo prints are allowed to dry for 24 hours before delivery.

The photos will be framed for you by the Finnish poster and home decor shop

How to order photos? Send an email to me at and tell me your framing preferences.

If you already have a photoshoot booked, let me know your framing preferences during the shoot.

If you want to purchase the prints after the shoot, that is also possible.

(Psst. For my returning customers, I have your print photos, so that’s convenient too. Just let me know what kind of combination you have in mind, and soon you’ll find them on your wall 😉

Photo packages include delivery to your home or the nearest post office, depending on your location.

Photo product delivery time is 1-2 weeks.

<3: Karoliina”