Family Photos


Photography is an investment, but also a gift for your child. A reminder of how they always have been and always will be loved. With children, it feels like time goes by so fast. Through your photos, it’s wonderful to go back to small moments and remember this unique time in life.

Family photography is suitable for all kind of families. My photography style is that we move naturally and don’t just stand still and pose. It is important to me that I am myself and open to you, so that you too can be authentic and open in the photos. Photos are a team effort. Running and playing are also part of the photoshoot to make the kids more comfortable. And if you’re wondering how things will go with your kid in the shoot, don’t stress. Small cries or emotions are part of life, just like us adults too <3

I always want that the photoshoot is a nice experience and it can be a nice adventure as a family!

Family Photos

  • Photography time - 1h
  • Photoshoot at location (for example park/beach)
  • Including full gallery (15-25 photos) - all family together and some photos of the child
  • Delivery time for the photos is a maximum of 6-7 working days
  • Delivered on onlinegallery with a password
  • Including VAT 24%
  • You can pay the photoshoot in 2 different payments
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