Suvi Karoliina

Location Photographer from Helsinki


My passion is taking beautiful pictures in nature. I mainly photograph families, children, wedding couples, babies and entrepreneurs. For me, photos are part of storytelling; lifestyle, documentation and best of all, memories. Moments are fleeting stories. Photos have always been an important part of my life, capturing beautiful memories.

Pictures allow us to return to past moments, moments that might otherwise be forgotten. These moments are so precious.

I currently live in my hometown of Helsinki, after many years of living abroad. I've lived in New Zealand and Northern Ireland. I have "Wanderlust"; an eternal hunger for adventure and longing for far-away places.

Besides traveling, I like morning coffee, Asian cuisine, butterflies, dresses, the outdoors and sunsets. I have wonderful friends, a great family, I am the wife of a unique Kiwi and mother of a little girl & boy.
I would love to capture your important moments. I mainly shoot in the capital region, but depending on the situation, I can also come to shoot all over Finland.